Work isn't about technology it's about people.  For too long IT has been about technology but it's time to make it about productivity.   If your technology isn't making your life easier then it's wrong.  

Our goal for you is business continuity and productivity.  If you have downtime or lose data that costs you money and while those costs may be difficult to measure they're absolutely real.  

Initially we're focused on getting everything organized and believe the core of any solution is documentation.  If you don't know exactly what you have then you're likely failing to maximize value.  From taxes to refresh schedules it all starts with documentation.  Our philosophy isn't to get you to sign a long term deal but to help you correct things, learn to self manage and go back to business in control like you should be.  

There's lots of worries about intrusions, lost data and ransomware.  While no one can guarantee safety and security there are strategies that we can help you implement that will ensure you have a plan that limits any possible exposure while maximizing up-time. 

Let us help you be the best  you can possibly be by reducing your technology burden and giving you the value you always knew you should have.

Services we offer

  • EMR/EHR Consulting surrounding process, reporting and data.
  • Technology review for small offices so you can gain control over your environment.
  • Setting up websites, custom domains, email
  • Helping you get control via interoffice communication clients, Kanban and documentation
  • Amazon Web Services, Office 365, Azure, Google Cloud, Google apps for work.